47/8 5 Continents Cotton Yarn
Green Grass Handwoven

47/8 5 Continents Cotton Yarn

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Equivalent size 12/2 NE 4935 YPP

Comes on a 1.3kg cone (cone weight removed 

Highest quality cottons from five continents spun into one super soft extra long staple cotton. 

North America: US Pima – Rugged, long and strong. Well known and used all over the world for premium textiles in large quantities.


South America: Genuine Peru Pima –The real “Angle Hair” Incredible smooth, long and extremely fine.


Asia: Indian Suvin – Crossbreed between Sea Island cotton and an Indian cotton variety. White in colour and silky in feel.


Africa: The best from Egypt, fine and strong and long as used for generation for spinning fine yarns.


Europe: Pima from Spain – The only one from Europe.

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