meet cait

weaving with love.

Hi!  I'm Cait, a wife and mother originally from sunny Florida. Now living in the front range of Colorado! My passion for textiles began long before buying a loom but manifested in maybe a not-so-typical way.  I've been baby-wearing since my first daughter was born, and my appreciation grew when I gave birth to my second and entered the world of woven wraps.  Fabulous textiles and close bonding with my children, what was not to love?  Diving deeper into the handwoven baby-wearing "world," I really started to appreciate the time and love that goes into creating these magnificent pieces of wearable art.  Eventually, I followed my calling and purchased a four-shaft Norwood off Craigslist.  The following months were spent in pure dedication to this newfound craft -- dyeing hundreds of pounds of yarn and turning it into textiles.  It just never got old.  I watched every video I could find, read all the books... and what I couldn't find, I figured out as I went.  My collection of tools has grown as time has passed to include several looms that I use to create wearable art for others, all pieces are now woven on one of four of my 8 shaft Gilmore Looms! 

When I'm not behind a loom, I can be found hiking or camping with my cool kids & sweet husband.